09 October 2012

You Can Make This Quilt

Another quilt post. Sorry. I'm kind of on a roll here.

This one was for my brother's baby boy, due in November. Have I mentioned how fun baby quilts are? They're so fast. No pieced back. No pieced batting. It's lovely. I whipped this one out in two or three days I think.

I found the idea for this one on a favorite blog I follow. It's called a "Strip and Flip" quilt because as you can see, you just piece the strips together and when you are done, you cut out that middle section and flip it, and put it back together. That's it. The best part is that you only need tiny little strips of your 44" wide fabric to make it work. If you're a beginner quilter, this would be a great project for you.

 New wavy line quilting method. You can do this with your normal foot. No need for any fancy quilting stuff. No need to be perfect either. Oh, and almost all the fabric is from Walmart (shhh....don't tell).

 Striped binding.
Again, I'm addicted.

 My very manly husband says the back is borderline girly. I think it's just boy enough.
(Sidenote: quilt+barbed wire = a tricky situation. Very tricky indeed)


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