29 October 2012

Mummy's Night Out

So I threw a themed party. Every year my aunts in my hometown do a "Witches' Night Out" and I've always wanted to do something like it. I did my own shindig for a few close friends this year.

My husband sat and helped me burn the edges and crinkle the paper. I like how it turned out. I wrapped it in cheesecloth when I mailed it to add that extra special touch. I think if you send out a rad invite, people are more likely to come. It kind of sets the mood.

I printed out some really cute labels here.
We had Deadly Night Crawlers (gummy worms), Dragon Eyes (Oreo truffles), Decomposing Eels (Red Vines), Zombie Teeth (Jelly Bellies), and Pickled Bat Guano (Queso Blanco chip dip). You actually don't have to do anything homemade. You can buy most of the refreshments to keep it simple.

And these cupcakes. They're colored on the inside to look like candy corn. I die for this frosting recipe. It's not that syrupy sweet stuff you get at the bakery. It's so good.

Fun night.
I love me a themed party.


  1. Super cute, Mary! I might have to steal this idea next year!!!