03 October 2012

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead

I pinned this on Pinterest ages ago, but this was the first year I found the time to make this little project. (I can't find the original source I had, but this one's pretty close). All you need is a pair of red shoes, some striped tights, batting, and a picture frame. Really simple.

I searched for the perfect pair of pumps for ages. I found these babies at The Goodwill. Sidenote: they're actually close to my size, so I think they might look amazing with a very festive Christmas dress. Ha ha. But I digress...

I spread Tacky glue on them and sprinkled super fine Martha Stewart red glitter.  Tip: when you're sprinkling sparkles, use and old ad or magazine like I did. That way you can just fold the middle when you're done glittering and all the excess slides back into the bottle. After it was dry, I covered it with a coat of Mod Podge. That way the sparkles don't come off. (I also did that to a pair of flats I bought my daughter from Payless, and it worked like a charm!)

As far as the legs go, I found striped tights online here. I had to order some other stuff for costumes, so it was worth the shipping. But I'm sure you could find something similar at Target or something. I suppose you could use plain tights, but I don't think you'd get the same effect. Once you have them, just lightly stuff with batting.

 Then I just made a sign on my computer. I sized this one 5x7" I used a frame I already had.

I attached it to my house with Command Strips that come off after you're done with them. I didn't want to put a hole right by my doorbell.

And that's it. Pretty cute fall look if I may say.

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