25 July 2012

Easy Camera Strap Cover

So this is the end product. Surprise! :) Um...I don't know what happened but it wouldn't go to the end of the page...

I've seen these cute camera strap covers and thought they are super cute and looked pretty easy to make so I decided to whip one up one night.
Super easy! All it takes in just a few strips of some scrap fabric you might have lying around.

Here's how:
1. Cut the width of the fabric depending on how wide your camera strap is and how long as you would like it to fit.
Pin and sew up one of the long sides. Make sure showing fabrics are facing each other.
2. Open up, iron down hem if you want. Iron and pin down hem on the width.
Sew both ends.
I did mine about 1/2 inch think.
4. After you sew the width hem, fold in half again with  showing fabrics facing together, pin and sew up the last long side.

Turn inside out and you're done!
Super easy!
I hope my directions were understandable!

Let me know if you have questions.

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