08 July 2012

Library bag

Yes, I know there is a random 'b' on this bag...I will explain...

So, I saw this idea on pinterest and quirked it. 
Its not finished...let me explain.
I initially had this idea for a friend's book-themed baby shower. I bought the supplies for one for her kids and one to make for our house as well. Where I got idea she had made her own bag and sewed on 'books' with fabric at the bottom. Saving time, I bought just the tote at Hobby Lobby and decided to stencil it on with fabric paint. It bled and looked bad (see pic) so I decided to skip the stencling and just do the other details. The one pictured is the mess-up that we will be keeping. I might try to add on the o,o, k and s just to see if it turns out ok.

So...moving on.
You will need a tote or pattern for a tote to make yourself if you like.
Fabric paint and stencils if you wish to attempt my idea.

I cut off the original straps and sewed on some different ones for added flare.
Then, I cut out a rectangle out of felt (fabric would be fine too) using a credit card for measurement and sewed that one leaving the left side open (this holds your library card, I thought this was genius!)
Sew on another little strip to hold the card in and add velcro to hold the strap down.

Super easy!!!!
Minus the stenciling, this took me about 20 minutes.

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