07 August 2012

Twinner Quilts

These babies have been in the line up for a while now. A friend of mine paid me to make her twin  12 year old granddaughters quilts. The girls picked the color scheme, but I did everything else. I thought it would be fun to use the same color scheme and squares, but two do different patterns. I think they turned out super cute. They are lap size. About 48x58".

 Inspiration from my sister in law, here.

I could have quilted them tighter, but they stay softer this way. The squares were 4" finished, I think. That's a lot of triangles--572 to be exact. 

I found an amazing tutorial online of how to make these Half Square Triangles. Usually people cut out one square, and draw a line diagonally from corner to corner, then sew on either side of the line. This method is different, and much faster. Check out the video here, it's worth your time.

I'm not a huge purple fan, as in there isn't one speck in my stash, so this color scheme was outside my comfort zone. The backing is the same on both. Some people don't like the scrappy strip, but I do.

I entered this one into the county fair (the other one wasn't quite done yet). It's always fun to have your work judged. The best part is when you drop it off and the older ladies squeal in delight because they're so tickled to see a young girl like me quilting.

My score sheets were all over the place, from a 65 to an 85. They said my corners didn't come to 90 degrees and that my binding was "too full". I never knew that was an issue. Good to learn for next time, even if I was 3 points off of a blue ribbon :) 

Now, on to start another quilt!


  1. oh wow, my quilts would be in the 0 - 0 range. i just am not patient enough with the details.

    how did you do that writing? my grandma cook always does a little to/from square on the back and it makes it so special.

  2. Claudia had it made. I just attached it. I think I need to start putting labels on mine. I just have to think of a catchy name. Something about straight from the farm, or 8 cow wife or something.

  3. Love it! - and I still like the one that is off-center better. ;)
    Just watched the tutorial... what size square did you start out with, and what size half square triangle did you end up with? And did you have problems with the straight sides being on the bias, or was it a piece of cake? :)

  4. Sara, I used a chart I found online to calculate the finished size of the HST's. Here's the website: http://whipup.net/2011/03/17/guest-blogger-series-half-square-triangles/

    As far as bias, I didn't really notice a huge difference. There might have been some pull, but I think it was worth the time saving to do it how I did it.

  5. These are beautiful! I've never made quilts but I knit, and I get the same funny reaction from older knitters... I kind of love it. =)