30 January 2012

Hand and Body Lotion

I know this isn't crafty but I thought I'd share a hand lotion recipe because who can craft with hands so dry you can scratch the word "it" in to them(remember that old commercial?). 

  I have wanted to try to make my own lotion and finally did today and it is AMAZING!!!!!

mellow yellow.preview.jpg

It took about ten minutes to make and my hands are drinking in the moisture.  You can find the recipe here. I found my ingredients at whole foods. But you can find the ingredients online or in a health food store. You can also improvise with different oils for the base and essential oils if you like a certain smell. I couldn't find avocado oil so I used almond instead. I heard grapeseed oil is supposed to be good as well.
This makes about 8 ounces. A little bit goes a long way.  

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