05 February 2012

Toy Storage

My little girl's toys have been sitting in a large tupperware container since forever, which has meant that they either all get dumped out or that she doesn't play with them. Usually the latter, which has resulted in her asking to watch movies non-stop. I have really wanted to get some baskets or something to separate the toys into groups and make them more accessible for her, but in the less than earnest searching I did all I saw were super-expensive ones that I couldn't afford.

So, thanks to my new (relatively) friend, Pinterest, I saw this pin and it hit me- I can do it with fun paper instead of fabric!

Several boxes and homemade mod podge and lots of scrapbook paper later... walah... I have fun boxes full of toys (not to mention my beautiful fake flowers).

Since I used washable elmer's glue for the mod podge the boxes felt kind of sticky, so I sprayed a clear coat of spray paint that will protect against moisture and sticky fingers on the boxes.

The striped one will be switched out later for a box the same size as the green one and in a different paper, but I have no need to buy a box of what was in it any time soon. Anyway, now she plays with her toys all day and doesn't ask for movies nearly as often as she used to, and now I don't feel bad for saying no.

Okay, fine, so this is really what it looks like, but this is what I wanted, right? =)

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