26 January 2012

Color and Silhouette

There are too many neutral (brown) tones in my home, so I am working on some projects to bring in color.

I googled "tree silhouettes" to find a tree I liked. I am a tree fan. I think they are pretty.
Trees and letters - they are so iconic and so lovely.
I also like the simplicity of a two-tone silhouette.

I printed it on cardstock so that you can't see the printer ink on the other side.
Then - the most fun, least tedious thing you will ever do - cut out the tree. All those crazy leaves.

Then I mod podged it onto a colorful scrapebook page.
Frame and display.

A nice little splash of color.

Akk. Don't look too close. It's not perfect.

Stay tuned for more home-colorfying projects.


  1. I love the orange! This is great.

  2. I like! We both need to get a silhouette so we dont have to cut things out with an Xacto knife. Oh well, not on the priority list right now.