29 November 2011

Advent Calendar Bunting

I have been on the lookout for an easy, fun advent-thingy. I got the idea for this one here.

I had a hard time finding an empty wall to hang it on, and I put it kind of low so that I could easily reach the goodies inside (but high enough so that the little boy could not).

In the red triangles are candy cane kisses; in the green are mint truffle kisses.

I love the idea more than I love how mine turned out. Maybe in a few years I will make another one with wool felt or even cute cotton.

For now though, my kids love it.

(I used felt glue on the numbers and cotton bias tape to string them together. Don't forget to back stitch!)


  1. You are officially addicted to felt Kel. I like it! How did you get the numbers to look so good?

  2. i am soo addicted.

    i printed out numbers 0-9 and then tediously traced and cut. it was borderline too tedious for me. that is the biggest reason why i am not going to make another one for a long time. :)