22 November 2011

christmas inspiration

I shocked that I'm even thinking of Christmas decorations already...maybe its the pregnancy? Ha!?
I am a VERY traditional decorator. So for Christmas its usually the classic red and green with a mix of natural-ness. Last year was just that and I'm thinking of changing it up and its been hard for me! Why? I don't know...I'm a little "type-a" I guess.
Well, anyways....I'm thinking silver, grey and red this year. What do you think? I guess we will see.
Here's my inspiration:

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I love these!

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red wreaths

christmas... diy decorations
yarn trees, minus the fuzzy balls and stars

DIY ornaments. Styrofoam covered in glitter.  Much less expensive than the big ornaments at the store!
glitter ornaments, pretty!

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Subway art...always a classic.

So there you have it. What are some of your decorating ideas this season?


  1. On my list of things to do before Friday is pull down every thing I have for Christmas and choose what to put out, what to store, and make a list of items to add. Guess I better get busy!

  2. Lost this decor! I think red, silver & grey is perfect.