05 April 2011

Spring Things!

So, I've finally been feeling well enough to be crafty! I had a friend over yesterday and we made some much needed spring wreaths.
My husband has been busy at work getting our garden ready. We live in Western Washington where it rains way too much. To keep our things from washing away (which is what happened last year), he built us a greenhouse-type structure. We're really excited to have a garden this year!


  1. where do you live? this is laura's sister. I lived in seattle for a while and love it. We want to head back that way when my hubby finishes school.

  2. I'm in between Olympia and Tacoma near the army base. We love it here...except for all the rain, but you get over it eventually. :)

  3. If that isn't crafty...I don't know what it! :)