04 April 2011

Teacup Floral Topiary

These topiary is so springy and sooooo easy. I've had it in mind to make to my shabby-chic bathroom that I'm re-doing but thought it was worth whippin' up for my spring decor.

Gather your supplies:
Styrofoam ball (1 and a half), little fake flower petals (bought in a bundle and then pulled the petals off), a 12 inch long dowel and a teacup (so easy to find a thrift store)...and hot glue.

 Take your petals and stick them into the Styrofoam ball till you get it all covered and it looks like this:
Stick your dowel into the ball with a little glue on the end to help it stick better.

 Then cut a styrafoam ball in half, glue into your teacup and stick in your dowel and flower ball...again adding some glue to the tip of the stick...see here.

Add a little moss to cover the Styrofoam and BAM! Here's whatcha got. Easy peasy!
And sooo dang cute!
Alright ladies! I did it. I decided to finally started adding things to my etsy shop that I opened back in August. I will be selling vintage pieces I find while thrifting and also doing vinyl pieces as well. I might do a few craft things here and there (like those flower headbands I posted once).

So, I'm in the process of adding some things but I could use you support in spreading the word....and I'm keeping things VERY affordable because I hate it when I come across something on etsy I love and NEED and can't afford. 

Speaking of that...see that little easter tin besides the topiary? That's for sale on the shop. They are so cute for Easter and only $3 a piece.

So that's that!


  1. So cute, and a purpose for all those beautiful tea cups I see at thrift shops!

  2. It is beautiful! thanks for the tutorial, I'll do it ...
    A big hug of Argentina in Italy

    Es bellisimo!! gracias por el tutorial, lo voy a hacer ...
    Un abrazo grande de una argentina en italia

  3. Such a cute idea with the teacup!