06 April 2011

Wood Bunnies

I have no Spring or Easter decorations so I thought I needed to make some.  I saw a similar bunny at my aunts house that she made years ago and wanted to make some!  

Supplies:  Fence slat, paint, wire, sand paper, some kind of saw to cut the wood,  tie or raffia or bow, wire cutter, pliers, wood finishing spray.

1) I started with fence slats, you could also use pine but it's about a 6 dollar difference.  I traced the outline of my aunt's bunny and then had her cut it out for me.  It's a simple pattern so if you can draw at all you could free hand for sure!  

2) I painted my bunny, then sanded it for a weathered look.  

3) Next came the face and ears... the hardest part in my opinion!  (I'm not a great painter)  I used some cream blush I had laying around to rub on for the cheeks and ears. 

4) Next the whiskers... really simple... just use wire, cut the length you want then drill two holes through the wood.  Take the wire and push through one hole, around the back and out through the other.  It really helps to have pliers to pull the wire through tight.

5) Decide if you want your bunny to be holding something.  I used the extra wood I had from making the baby bunny since it wasn't a full slat of wood to make the carrot and egg.  I cut those out and painted and sanded them.  I tried to get a good photo of how to attach them... see the close up of the carrot.  Just like the whiskers, use wire, cut long enough to go through two holes and be twisted tight in the back.  Drill two holes next to each other, push one end of wire through one hole and the other side through the other.  Take both ends in back and twist like a bread tie in back to hold in place.  Again, it helps to have pliers here to twist them tightly... cut off excess wire in back.  (you could use hot glue here, but trust me I've done it in the past and eventually it does fall off)

6)  Tie whatever you want around the neck

7)  Last thing is to spray at least the face, ears, and whatever they are holding with a wood finishing spray.  That way they can be in the weather and not have their little faces run off!

That's it!  Both bunnies took me about 10 hours to do.  Sorry for the bad pics but aren't they cute?!