04 March 2011

Rosette Spring Wreath

I've been looking for a cute Spring wreath for a while now and found this one on kiki creates and I knew it was the one. PS. I love her blog, everything is so fresh, colorful, simple and cute!

Good thing my mom came to town and brought a ton of scrap fabric. I made about 30 fifty cent piece-sized rosettes (Her's look a little bigger in this picture). Click here for a video on how to make the rosettes!
They are super easy and good to do while watching a show or movie (that's what I did at least).

Then, get yourself a foam wreath and wrap that sucker with white yarn. Once you wrap the wreath with yarn (this takes a while) hot glue your rosettes onto the wreath, strap on your favorite wide ribbon and hang where you like! I love how mine turned out and did this all in under an hour (well, I was working on the rosettes themselves off and on for a couple days but the whole thing came together very easily).

It looks so "springy" and super cute on the front door! I love this one!!! Plus, I even have a few rosettes left over that I might use to make a topiary. 


  1. It looks amazing. I love it!:)

  2. Laura, I love how it turned out. You are inspiring! How fun.!!!!

  3. I'm soooo going to make one of these...my daughter is going home from college for a couple of days and she will want to make one too...craft party is on!


  4. Beautiful! Love the colors! Thanks for linking up!