26 February 2011

Flower Pillow

This project is really easy and took me under an hour to make. I used this tutorial to cover a thrift store pillow I found that was in good shape. Ignore how lop-sided it looks, I really didn't adjust the pillow well before taking the picture.....

 Then I got about 1/3 yard of felt from the fabric store and used the top of a paper cup to draw out my circles. I did about 90% in the bigger circles and then used the bottom of the cup to stencil out a few smaller ones.

Then, I cut the big circles in half and starting my flower by hot gluing a circle around the pillow.

 Keep overlapping and gluing on your flowers, inserting a few smaller ones and then once you get closer to the center use all the smaller-cut circles...see it here? I felt this kinda helped it blend better.

Here's the finished product, I just layered a bunch of circles in the center and then cut out a circle and glued in over the top. I tried to fold a few and stick them in the center to give it more dimension but I guess you have to start sooner.  Like this (PS. This is the next project)

I kinda have to fluff it up a bit every once and a while but I really like it and you could use any fabric with any color felt. 

Have a good weekend!


  1. This pillow turned out so cute! Really it is adorable. Thanks for sharing how to make it.

  2. So pretty! Thanks for showing how to make it. i just gave you an award on my blog:) go check it out!