09 March 2011

Itty Bitty Baby Dress

I whipped this baby up in a few hours. Super easy. I found the PDF pattern for free here. I'm not much of a pattern sewer, but these instructions kept it simple. 

I vowed never to do piping again, but I lied. It was too cute not to add. The pattern called for store-bought bias binding and piping, but I thought using my own fabric would be much cuter. 

I made the piping by covering store bought piping with the red polka dot fabric. The trick is to cut your fabric on the bias, so it can curve and bend without puckering. I found a great tutorial on bias here. 

This is a great beginners project. I think I'll make another one, but put buttons at the shoulders instead of tying knots.

Happy sewing!


  1. Mary, that is soooo sweet! I can tell you are getting ready for baby girl! :)

  2. Mary I think this dress is so cute!!! As usual you are amazing!

  3. i am going to eat this dress it's so cute.