23 February 2011

Easiest Pillow Cover Ever!

I found the most fabulous pillow cover tutorial EVER!  Just get some old thrift store or clearance-ed pillows and you can personalize with any fabric or style. So happy to find this tutorial because its sooooo easy (I'm a beginner sewer and did it fine!) and simple. I'm addicted!
Click here for the tutorial (PS. This is a great blog-love her style)

We got a new bed cover and I wanted to get some accent pillows and remembered I had these old pink ones and decided to just cover them---only cost me $4 for fabric. Awesome!


I made 2 of these for our bed, and then a flower pillow too that I will show how to make later---soooo cute!

 I also covered a few other pillows for our living room couch....It needed a little something-something.

This one I did just the same as the others. Got the pillow at the thrift store because it was in good shape and I liked the size.

The tutorial is for an envelope pillow cover so I just turned the envelope side for the front and hot-glued on some buttons I liked, no joke.

Thought it really spiced up the couch! And yep, I'm totally addicted to this pattern. Sooooo easy!!!
Got lots more I want to do! :)

Have fun!

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