22 February 2011

Chair Makeover

found these beauties at the thrift store and got them for $10 for both, STEAL of a deal
I was looking for something a little shabby and these are perfect
they were pretty beat up and the cushion was NOT cute, so I sanding away I went
 I used an electric sander with brand new pads and it worked out well
Took the cushions off and ripped the fabric off, used existing pad underneath because it was
still in good shape. I had some paint left over from another project so I just grabbed the brush and started painting, it took about 3 good coats to cover it all up
  Final product!!
I love how they turned out, it's exactly what I pictured in my head
just not exactly sure where I'm going to put them now
 Got the fabric at JoAnn's on sale, of course, only needed 1/2 yard, used a staple gun,
and than screwed them back onto the chairs
Happy Crafting


  1. Wow - I love to see there and after shots. These chairs are really pretty - GOOD JOB!!

  2. Those are rad. That is a ton of work with all that sanding! Good job.

  3. I love these and can't wait to do my own...someday! :)