25 October 2010

Introducing: 'Drab to Fab' Tuesday!

I was re-doing a table I got at a thrift store and this idea came to me to have a day just for our 're-doing' projects!
So, I'd like to introduce 'Drab to Fab' Tuesdays!!!
Feel free to post anything you have re-done...anything. It doesn't have to be furniture, anything simple will do! And also leave a tutorial or any tips you would like to share! So get ready to post something fab tomorrow! Ciao.


  1. love the idea. I am excited found a fab fabric store by my house bought some cute fabric to make some dresses. I will post whenever I am done. I am almost done with Deva's halloween costume. I will post for sew saturday. thanks for all the hard work.

  2. Great Shellee, can't wait to see it!