27 October 2010

Drab to Fab: Table Re-Do

Sorry for the late post...finally got a new power cord for the laptop so we are good to go!
Found a slamin' local thirft store and bougth this long table there for a whoppin' $12. I wanted to bring a pop of color to my living room so I decided to do a smokey blue--took a couple times to get it right.

How I did it: Simple. I sanded it really well, primed it with about 3 coats, waited a few hours and then added the paint. I used a small, foam roller brush (usually used for cabinets, you can find this at any hardware store). This made the process SUPER easy! Took about 2 coats of blue paint but I did 3 just to be safe and let it dry completely for 24 hours.

First Blue:

I LOVED this blue. It was a greyish robin's egg blue but the tone was too bright for the room. So I had some leftover paint from my kitchen walls and thought I would at least try it out and....I love it.

The final blue:

Its a nice periwinkle, steel blue. I love this color and should have just used it from the start.

Still unsure about how to decorate it but this what I have on there as of now, might change it.

Let's see a re-do!


  1. I love the final color. I have an older table just like this, so now I'm excited to paint!

  2. Such a cuuuute table. I love the color. Good job Loo!