29 October 2010

Glass Slippers

Just for the record...I love Halloween! There is just something so fun about being ultra creative, whipping up a fun costume and feeling like a kid that I just completely love! Also, I feel like Halloween is the official holiday to kick off Fall...and who doesn't like Fall?

So, this year I'm even more excited because Marshall is the perfect age to dress up and just be so stinkin' cute and plus, we got some GREAT costumes. Davis is being Prince Charming, I'm being Cinderella and Marshall is Gus-Gus (fat belly and all-well, we'll have to stuff it. ;)).

Well, who is Cinderella really without glass slippers, right? I've seen people spray paint their shoes a ton on all these craft blogs so I thought I would try it out. Here's how it went....

I tucked some newspaper into the shoes so they would get paint on the inside. Ok, aren't these shoes just 80's awesomeness?

They I sprayed them with metallic silver and put a layer or 2 of glitter spray paint over the top (can't see if that well in the picture but they do sparkle!)

This picture is just horrible--why did I post this? My feet look weird! :) Anyways, they turned out like 100 times better than I thought they would and I've heard of people actually spray painting their real, un-costume shoes too! Might try it out.

And PLEASE post your Halloween pictures from this weekend! We would love to see all your cute little families! :)

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