25 October 2010

Sew Saturday: Baby Bibs & Burp Clothes

Well, this post was obviously intended for 'Sew Saturday' but our desktop is dead and our laptop's charging cord is on its last leg so I had no computer over the weekend.

I made these bibs for a friend, and had leftover fabric so I made a few for my nephew's 1st birthday as well. Super easy, and super cute. I found the tutorial for the smaller bibs (pictured on the left) and the burp clothes on this blog (tutorial are listed on the right side of blog). PS. Love her stuff.
And to make the larger bibs, I just folded one of Marshall's favorite bibs in half, traced it on paper, cut out the tracing and used that as a pattern. I used fannel material for both sides and love that they are reversable. I was pretty impressed with them seeing how I am not a "sewer" but I am soon becoming one! Had a ton of fun doing these and they are the perfect gift if you ask me.

Matchy cuteness.

Have fun

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