25 September 2010

Sew Saturday - Capes

Back when I had more time (and only one child), I sold these capes on my etsy shop.

I make these similar to the way I make the bibs, except there is no batting between the fabric, and I use about a yard of fabric (of each color).

The fun part is deciding what to applique on each side of the cape. This cape was called "flower power".
I use spray adhesive to adhere the shape before zig zag sewing it onto the cape.

This cape is a fuller version. I used about two yards and cut out a semi circle shape so the cape drapes over the shoulders.

You could also add a hood. Just sew two squares of fabric together (only sewing two of the four sides of the square), then sew it onto the neck of the cape.

You can make your child into any kind of superhero, princess, character, or crusader you dream up.
Here are some of my other favorites:

I use snap or ties to hold the cape in place. The snap option is better on my mommy conscience...no strangling.

This one was a shop favorite. I made a lot of these guys (not the cute red head...the pirate cape).

With Halloween on the horizon, capes are a must for any costume!
I am actually putting one on my dog this year...


  1. Do you machine quilt these as well? These are super cute and would make great Christmas gifts!

  2. i don't quilt them. i do wash the fabrics before making the capes though...that way when you wash the cape, it doesn't go skewampus on you.

  3. Skewampus...exactly what I was thinking.

  4. Cute capes kelli, I remember when you did these on etsy. Hey what does having 2 kids have to do with getting things done..Ha ha