27 September 2010

Autumn Hoop

Here is a simple, cute and cheap fall decoration for ya (and just so you know...we bought our first house and have NO DECOR at all, that explains all the crazy fall crafting lately. PS. I also love fall like no other). I have seen "hoop" decor all over the blog craft world. So I made up my own little ditty with some stuff I had laying around...plus a quick trip my second home, Hobby Lobby (you know you've been there too much when the cashier says to you, "Oh...you again." Nice).

Supplies: cross-stitch hoop of any size, felt in the desired colors, cross-stitch thread, thicker needle, glue gun.

Cut your felt out and place it in the cross-stitch hoop---tight. To get the leaf shape I got a leaf from my yard and pinned it to the felt and cut around it. It actually turned out better than expected. Then I hot glued it to the felt ....

Then I roughly stitched around the edges of the leaf and then (um, you can totally tell) handstitched the word "autumn" around the leaf.

 This took me about an hour to do and cost about $4. Be creative and make up your own design...I thought of doing a pumpkin with "harvest" written somewhere and I'm working on a bigger one for Halloween with a tree and "spooky" written. Have fun!
PS. Another gift for Mom...surprise!