22 September 2010


These bibs are actually a rip off from my sister's etsy shop.
Hers are pieced and quilted and way cute.

I love these bibs because there is no Velcro to snag your clothes in the dryer, and they use up fabric scraps you may have crowding your workspace.

Plus they are made with love just for your little one to spill and stain!

Begin by laying two choice fabrics right side facing each other. Outline the shape and size of a bib you prefer. Do you like longer? Wider? Whatever fits the scrap you are using? (that's what influenced my bib sizes...)

Cut out the fabric, keeping them sandwiched together.

Lay a square of batting on top of your cut fabric.

Sew the fabric-fabric-batting sandwich together, allowing a .25 inch seam. Leave the top "neck" area open. This will be your raw edge.

Trim away the excess batting. Turn sandwich right side out. Ta Da!

Iron it flat, paying attention to the edges.

Machine quilt. Any pattern you like.

Make about 2-3 feet of bias tape. Click here for tutorial.
(All the tutorials I found are WAY more complicated than what I do. Perhaps I will show how I do bias tape someday.)

Center and sew your bias tape onto the raw edge of your bib. Knot the ends.

Don the bib onto your baby. Don't be too sad when your creation gets stained.

brother's side...

sister's side...

I don't actually tie them into a knot or bow around their necks. I just wind the ties around each other a couple of times. It stays put, but comes off easy when lunch time is done.

I made lots and lots so I never run out before laundry day.


  1. super cute! what a fun site!

    we're hosting a giveaway right now, if any of you ladies are interested!

    :)kelli & kristi

  2. I love this idea! Thanks! It's very similar to the way I make pot holders, so I know that it's doable for me as a beginner. :)
    What a great way to use up some extra fabrics!