01 November 2012

Pilot Costume

I offered to make my nephew's costume this year. I thought it would be fun to try to follow a pattern, and my daughter's costume was already done. I was happy to do it! It's from this McCall's pattern. It was pretty idiot-proof, even for a non pattern-sewer. I would reccommend a simple McCall's pattern like this one if you're a beginner like me. It takes some translation of sewing terms, but if you read it slowly enough, you can get it.

Except I messed up even before I got it home. I was very meticulous at the fabric store, buying the right notions and fabric, calling and texting reinforcements before I committed... 

I got it home and I had bought the wrong size.
Luckily JoAnn's was still having it's $.99 sale on McCall's patterns, so I just went and bought another. 

 The hardest part was the collar, but my sister helped me with it. We thrifted the white turtle neck. I think it totally makes the outfit (as do the sunglasses).

 JoAnn's had some amazing iron-on patches. I think little touches like this really make it look professional, and I didn't even have to sew them on . And that is my first real zipper. Thank you, thank you.

Handsome boy.
I think he really liked it.

This whole thing makes me appreciate my mother and how talented she is at sewing apparel. Quilting is so easy compared to all the technicalities of a pattern. I enjoyed learning it though.

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  1. I love it. Love it!!!! What kind of fabric is it that you used? Was it also from JoAnn's?