31 October 2012

Last Minute Halloween Crafts!

Here are a few simple and fun Halloween crafts that you could whip up this afternoon with your kiddos.
Most of these supplies you already have at home!

Egg Carton Bats

These are as easy as they look and great for all ages!
How to:
Cut a (paper) egg carton into 3.
Paint with some black arylic paint, add googley eggs.
Punch a hole in the top and hang!
So easy!

Cotton Ball Ghosts

These too are as easy as they look!
How to:
Cut a shape out of some cardstock.
Glue cottonballs onto the paper and add eyes and mouth.
Feel free to add a ribbon to the back to hang too!

Fun stuff to keep the kids busy today!
Happy Halloween from the K-Fam Zoo!!!
This was taken with my phone of the back of our camera...classy. :)

Have a fun and safe night!

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