07 June 2012

More Fabric Flowers

I Instagrammed these babies a few days ago and my friends wanted a quick how-to, so here it is...
Laura pretty much already did the same thing, but these were a little different. 

Fabric. I used scraps. I recommend using something that is on the same front and back, like a check or solid. Fold it roughly into fourths like so.

Cut out circles. Your biggest ones will be close to the finished size. These were for a baby headband, so they were only around 1 3/4". I did four big ones, four smalls, and a couple middle ones. They don't have to be perfectly round, nothing is exact here.

Fold a large circle into fourths.

Glue it to a smaller circle. You could make the bottom one felt, like Laura did.

Glue four quarter circles to the base.

Then just fold the smaller ones and stick them in between wherever looks good.

Fill, fill, fill.

There you go. 

I attached them to headbands. You could clip them to a cardigan or put them on a shirt or whatever. Easy peasy. Oh, and when you do use hot glue, you only need a teeny dab. I didn't even really squeeze the trigger on my glue gun, I kind of just dabbed the fabric into it. 

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