17 March 2012



I finally finished up the nursery! Sheesh. I really wasn't in a big hurry because I didn't want to have nothing to do the last few weeks before the baby got here and we couldn't decide on a name so I had to wait to add the letter. Guesses?

Well this just about the easiest craft project ever though. But depending on if you get your fabric clearance or not it can be pricey. The embroidery hoops are cheap though. I think this project total might have cost me about $15. I got most of the supplies at HobLob. (PS. for their prices their fabric is really good quality...I made some curtains for Marshall's room and got some fabric at another place starting with a "J" and I was NOT impressed with the fabric---just a little FYI)

Its pretty basic:
buy as many hoops as you like in the sizes you want
either use some scrap fabric or buy want you like. 
place the fabric into the hoops and tighten
tip: when you hang on the wall, the nail doesn't need to go in very far or else the hoops will kinda pucker out.

Add a letter or name if you like. So cute. 
I also made curtains that I will post later...they are made with that animal print (that is soooo adorable) and the brown polka dot. Very simple.
We are going with a minty green, baby pink, pale brown, ivory color palette. I love it.

Here's a recent pic of me at 37 weeks. We put blinds up and I can't bend over to get the boxes so ignore the mess. But you can kinda see more of the room. I also re-covered that chair which was sooo easy (used to be navy blue) and made some pillows. 
Anyways...that's my nursery update.
(and my slip hanging out...tacky?)

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