17 March 2012

Book Birthday

My little girl just turned one. As I was considering what to do for her birthday, I easily could have done something super girly and pink, but I thought it was better to do something that she really likes--books. They're easily her favorite thing to play with right now. I searched around for inspiration online, and  I found a great idea here. I scrounged up most of the stuff for the party around my house, and the goodwill. It ended up being pretty easy and cheap.

Invitations, found here:
 I cut a page out of an old book from college and just sewed up the sides to make an envelope.

 You can do so much with paper from books. I cut pages to 5x7", then ran them through my computer and printed the letters on them. Then I just cut them to a point and taped them around baker's twine.

 I made a timeline of monthly pictures I took of her first year.

 Hung it with twine and clothespins, and threw some books up to add to it.

I bought a Dr. Seuss book at the Goodwill and cut pennants out of it with my rotary cutter. Then I just slapped on some bias tape and we were done. 

I kept it really simple. Cake and cupcakes and fizzy lime ricky's. I made little cake toppers by shrinking down some of her favorite book covers and printing them out. 

 I found the straws here. Did you notice the table cloth? I had the Dick and Jane fabric left over from a quilt from a few years ago. Talk about perfect. 

I'm kind of in love with Baker's twine now. Oh, and I made the cake stand! So easy. I bought a candle holder and a glass plate at the Goodwill, and just glued them together with E6000. So easy. 

Brown paper bags I ran through my printer with a Dr. Seuss quote on them. 

I threw made little packets of worms, and printed out these bookplates to go in the bag. 

I loved this party. So fun to get ready, and so fun to do something different. 


  1. Great job Mary! I'm so impressed. I really liked everything, but the photo banner was especially neat. And the invitations. And the book worms. And the cupcake book cover decorations. And the Dr. Seuss on the brown paper bags...

  2. there is nothing funner than planning a birthday party for your child - especially the first birthday for the first child!

    wish we could come!

  3. So awesome Mary!! I LOVE how it all came together! Sounds like it came together pretty fast too!

  4. Wow!!! Mary that's adorable! Way to go! :)

  5. I love how simple this is! Its pinterest worthy and actually doable. Thank you so much! My little guy loves books to so a book party is perfect for him.