19 January 2012

Valentine Bunting

 I'm kind of obsessed with banners like this. 

I loved making this one. I picked fabric that felt a little vintage, and I love how it turned out. 

I originally found the inspiration here. She stenciled her letters on, but I liked the look of applique better.

Here's the cool part: I ran the fusible web through my printer with the paper side up so I didn't have to trace the letters on by hand. I felt so smart with this idea. Make sure you print the letters backwards though!

 I did this mock up to practice my blanket stitch length, and to make sure my proportions were right. Good thing I did this first. I put the Wonder Under on the wrong side :) Just iron it all on, and stitch around the heart and the letters. I chose a straight stitch for the letters and a machine blanket stitch for the hearts. You could zig zag, or do whatever you think is cute. 

Then I sewed bias tape on, and that was it. I made my own so it would match that coral pink, but you could make it easy on yourself and just buy some. 

All done. Love it.


  1. I LOVE it! Then vintage looking fabric is awesome. So pretty!

  2. very nice. i like how the two bias tapes meet into one bow.

    i have a hunch you like valentines month b/c it's also birthday month...:)

  3. Yes! I love Valentines. I try to make it a big deal because it's Rob's special day too. Plus, the house feels so bare after Christmas, so it's fun to put stuff back up.

  4. Mary, you gotta stop it! I can't keep up with the cuteness! You inspire me to be a better sewer, great job! :)