15 January 2012

Crayon Hearts

 I saw this idea on the Martha Stewart website ages ago. I finally found time to put it together this year. The instructions are here. This would be fun to do with kids (just be careful with the hot stuff). You could do this for any season too-leaves in the fall, shamrocks for St. Patties, you get the idea. 

You just use crayon shavings and wax paper and melt into sheets using your iron. Once it cools, cut out the shape you want. My house smelled like an elementary school art room with all that melting wax :)

 I searched "heart template" in Google and it came up with a million results. I used this one. 

Then put it behind your sheet of wax when it's cool, and trace your design.

Hang them with fishing wire, and you're done. 
It's a nice lovey-dovey touch to our kitchen. 

More Valentine's decorations to come...


  1. I did this when I was in Kindergarten (yes, a REALLY long time ago) and we sprinkled a little glitter on them. I think cutting them with some decorative scissors might be pretty to!

  2. So funny! I have been wanting to make these and pinned them on pinterest once I found them on Design Mom. Yours look great!