10 November 2011

Old peanut can or the best toddler toy ever?

You be the judge.

I whipped this toy out yesterday before leaving for a craft bazaar in an attempt to keep my almost 2-year-old from getting bored out of his gourd while we were there. It worked like a charm! (It was also cuter before, but he found the seam in the paper and began to rip away. Oh well.) It kept him busy for half an hour at a time!
Here's how it works. Grab any old round container with a plastic lid. Decorate the outside however you would like, or not. Cute shapes in the lid. Grab a handful of pom poms (or other soft squishy things) and you are set.
Little hands love to shove the pom poms through the holes on top. Why didn't I make one of these sooner?

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