11 November 2011

Nativity Advent Calendar

If this advent calendar looks like it's straight out of the 70's, that's because it is. I grew up with an identical version, and had to take turns with my five siblings moving Mary and Joseph along. A few years ago I was thinking about maybe stealing it from my mom. Then I realized I could make my own! My mom even still had the pattern pieces.

I love advent thingys - they add so much to the excitement of the season. But this one is even better because it not only counts down the days until Christmas, but it also keeps the focus in your home (for five minutes at least!) on the Savior.

Every day Mary and Joseph take one step closer to Bethlehem.

One thing to remember (that isn't clear in the instructions) is when you hot glue the rocks, trees, and ponds, make sure you leave an unglued-middle so that the alligator clip can clip onto the objects.

As we would move Mary and Joseph to the next spot, my mom would read a paragraph from a typed (on a typewriter!) script, depicting the events surrounding Christ's birth. It is written in simple language for small children to understand (I scanned the script and it's included in the link below).

Then on Christmas Eve, you get to take the door off the barn...

It's held up with a dowel and yarn or ribbon.

This is seriously one of my favorite Christmas time memories.
To download the pattern, instructions, and story script, click here.


  1. I really love this. Thanks for posting the pattern. When do you have us for Christmas? (hint, hint)

  2. i have you guys next year! just in time for annie to kinda "get it". :)

  3. This is what you call a perfect Christmas advent calendar. Plan to make one like this for keeps. Sure my grandchildren would enjoy it too. But at this moment had to buy one from Lego to satisfy my Star War crazy son.