07 October 2011


More from Martha Stewart. I've had this owl costumed pinned on pinterest for ages. I like it because it's pretty gender neutral (I could use it again for a boy if I wanted), and it's over the top cute. The wings are detachable too, so she'll fit in her car seat super easy. The tutorial has virtually no sewing to it, but I sewed mine, just so it would be a bit more durable. 

You have to print out the pattern pieces then have them blown up. I got mine copied to 375% at my local print shop. Instead of tracing the patterns onto the dark felt, I just pinned and cut around them with my rotary cutter. (Thank you Project Runway for the idea)

I used this hand-me-down long sleeve onesie. I just covered the print with a little iron on interfacing so it didn't show through the white.

 Use pattern pieces to cut out more felt for the tummy feathers. I sewed them on like so. (You could hot glue if you didn't want to sew it.)

 Velcro to keep the wings on.

 She said to just iron the felt, but I liked how it looked more structured when I sewed it.

If you don't have clear thread, you should invest. It made switching from color to color so much easier. 

Backside with velcro and an elastic band for the arm.

Hoot Hoot.

Hat found here.


  1. I love it! So many times I've put on a costume and it won't fit in the car seat! This totally solves that problem and is adorable too. Nice work!

  2. A.Dorable. (The costume is, too.) :)

  3. HOwwwww cute! Nice job! Cutest little owl on Halloween night!