07 October 2011

Cheesecloth Ghosts

Here's an easy one from Martha Stewart. I didn't do it exactly like hers, but I think mine were easier and look just as good. 

 Gather supplies. Liquid starch (I found it at Wal-Mart), Mason jars, tin foil, wire (I used floral wire because I had it on hand), a spray bottle, cheesecloth, lots of paper towels or newspaper. This would be a good outside project if it's not too cold.

 Make the shape of your ghost with wire and a tinfoil ball.

Martha says to dip strips in the liquid starch, but I thought that was too messy. I just cut 6" strips of cheesecloth and draped them over the form first. Then I sprayed it with starch from my bottle. Just make sure it's good and saturated. 

 Let it dry, and hang. I used fishing line threaded through a needle on the tops of their little heads.

That's it! Pretty easy. I put them outside because I like how they look in the wind.

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