25 July 2011

t-shirt bag {literally}

I saw this idea briefly at the 4th of July parade we went too---ha ha ha. I'm always on the look-out for something crafty! 
Well, its super easy, cute and one way to recycle an (old) t-shirt.
I've been looking for a way to use my Triathlon shirt, it's too big to wear and not comfy enough to sleep in...this is the perfect gym bag!

So here's how:
Get yourself a t-shirt of choice. I'm thinking this only works with your classic t-shirt style, but you can try a fitted one too if you want.

Cut the sleeves off, this makes the "handles" of your bag. You might need to sew a seam here depending on how you cut it, but I didn't need to.

Then, cut the bottom of your shirt depending on what size you want it.

Then turn the shirt inside-out and sew along the bottom to make the bottom of your bag. I did a double stitch to make it more durable.

Then cut a bigger opening around the neck of the bag, sew a seam around this.

And there you have it. Super easy and simple.

Finished product.

And I will say that I hate my camera, so sorry if these pictures are not very good. Plus, I was kinda in a hurry! :)

There is loads of options to personalize your bag:
you can cut the bottom round instead of flat, make the arm holes bigger for more of a sling bag, or make the neck hole bigger or smaller depending on how you want it to look.

You can use it for grocery shopping, a pool bag, for the gym or even a purse!
Fun stuff, enjoy!

Also, found this recipe for homemade lipgloss---vaseline and kool-aid! Sounds awesome!

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  1. cool idea. I haven't sewn anything in a while. Summer has been too nice to do much crafting.