24 July 2011

simple cheap chore jar

This was an easy idea I came up with instead of a chore chart.  A chore jar.  Cheap. Easy peasy.  I found some votive candle holders at the dollar store in a two pack($.5o/jar cheap).  You can use a bigger jar if you want more chores/ bigger papers.  I cut 12 papers(2 chores per day, 6 days a week, sunday rest day).  

Empty plain jars. 

Used my silhouette machine with black vinyl. Cut out 
To do and done. If you don't have a silhouette you can use 
sticker letters. Out the vinyl on the jars.

Put in the chores and waalah: Easy peasy craft.

When my daughter finishes her chores we move it into the done jar.  When the week is over we put them back in the to do jar.  I added some fun chores as well like read a book to your brother and make cookies with mom.  But also regular things she can do to help out like making her bed and dusting the living room.  This helps to mix it up and gives her something responsible to do during the summer so it's not just play all the time.

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