22 March 2011

Finger Puppets

Here is one of my favorites - a porcupine.

This project is so fun because each animal comes together in one minute.
I just kind of eyeballed the cutting, but the ideal width is 1.5 inches.

I hate the chicken. It's just weird looking.

I used felt, felt glue, and googly eyes. I tried using the glue gun for a while, but felt glue is much cleaner and easier. I googled "finger puppets" to get some ideas.

I made these because the lesson for the three year olds this Sunday is "I am Thankful for Animals".
It actually turned into a fun project for me and my two year old. I would ask, "now what animal should I make?"
 and she would say, "piggie!"
Then I would finish in 30 seconds and she would say, "for meeee?"
She's been playing with them all day.

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