27 March 2011

The Creation

I am going crazy with the felt lately. 
The Creation story is coming up in the Sunbeam's lesson, so I made a flannel board edition.

 Day 1: Day and Night

 Day 2: separation of firmament, land, and water

 Day 3: plants, flowers, fruit, vegetables

 Day 4: the sun, moon, stars

 Day 5: animals - birds, insects, fish

Day 6: People! Adam and Eve with modern clothes on. I didn't feel like figuring out how to cover them up with fig leaves. 


  1. I wish I was in your class. Looks fun.

  2. Best Sunbeams teacher EVER. Jack better not be sick for this week!!!

  3. Man!!! I teach the CTR 4 class you make me look like a LOSER! :) Very cute Kelli!

  4. Wow! Your sunbeams are so lucky to have you as a teacher:) Those are soooo adorable!!

  5. i swear i am just bored with my husband out of town, so this is way fun for me. plus we had a mini lesson with avery (my 2 year old) since we had to stay home from church today.