04 February 2011

Yarn Valentine Wreath

I got the tutorial for this wreath from here and instead of doing the felt flowers (which is also a great tutorial) I just cut some hearts out of felt and glue-gunned them onto the wreath where I wanted them. 

I think the yarn wreaths are going to be my new addiction because I made this in under an hour, it cost me $7 (wreath was $5 at Joanns, $1 store one was too small) and it was so easy. Plus, if you think these look cute in a picture---they are 10 times cuter in the real life! I love this!

sorry for the glare, but you get the idea.

How's the your V-Day crafting going?


  1. Super cute! I just made a heart shaped wreath the other day with fabric and some old cardboard for the shape. Come take a look!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Ok super super cute!! I think that I'm going to have to make myself one! I need a cute wreath for the our front door!! NICELY done!