04 February 2011

Fabric Bunting

Just tell me when you all get bored with nursery stuff...I  still have more where this came from. I made this banner to hang in her room/to use at a baby shower that my family threw for me. I think it adds a bit of whimsy.

I love the website Ohdeedoh. Lots of great inspiration. I had a desk job when I was first pregnant, and when it was slow, I spent a lot of time getting ideas for my "dream" nursery. I saw several different nurseries using these fabric pennant banners. (like here, here, and here)

You can buy a banner like this for anywhere from $20-$40 on Etsy, but I wanted to customize mine with  fabric I had on hand. And I wasn't in the mood to spend that much money. 

I kind of looked at this tutorial to get the main idea, and tweaked it to how I wanted it. I actually had the bias strip binding left over from some bumper pads I made, so I just cut the triangles out, and used that with them. 

The triangles measure about 5.5" across the top, and are 6" long. 


Love it. The best part is that I can take it down and use it again for anything--another baby shower, a party, whatever. 


  1. Holy crap---this little girls room is going to be rockin' cute! I love this...as I do all your stuff! :)

  2. Love so many things about this...where to begin? ;-) The color of the wall is adorable, I {love} it! Loving the butterfly wall hanging. And I never thought of using a bunting in a nurery. It is a great idea and looks fabulous!