28 January 2011

Clothespin Frame

The quest for the dream nursery continues... I found this baby room a while ago and there was a clothespin frame like this hanging on the wall. I've wanted to make one ever since. 

I wanted to keep it cheap, so I found this frame at a thrift store. Lovely I know. I took the picture and glass out, then sanded the whole thing down. I was originally going to paint it white, but I stopped after sanding because I liked the look. I kind of just take it as it goes, with no set plan before. I like the crafting process to be kind of organic, for lack of a better term.

I mod-podged scrapbook paper to the clothes pins to fancy them up.

Then I pre-drilled my holes, and added these little hooks that I bought at Wal-Mart. I was originally going to use string wire, but I found some cotton yarn laying around, and I thought I would make us of it rather than buying something new.

And...done. Super simple, and relatively cheap. 

More nursery projects to come...


  1. Hi Kelli- VERY cute project!

    I actually didn't feature that cardboard spray painted art project. I do know, or believe I know what you are talking about. My suggestions is to hit three or so popular blogs with link parties and sift through them seeing if you find it anywhere. Wish I could be more help. Good Luck. jen