01 December 2010

Mini Pine Cone Christmas Tree

Me and a friend {aka Tina} did the glitter trees found here for a T-Day craft and as much as I am totally completely in love with them (PS. Use the Poly Flake glitter brand if you do these). Alone they were just too glam for me! So I had to add a little "natural-ness" into my Christmas decor. And I love it. I saw some glittery mini pine cone trees at Target and knew I could totally make that....for cheap! They still have the glitter glam I'm going for this year but add enough natural that its a perfect balance!

Supplies: styrafoam trees of your choice, brown spray paint/acrylic paint, mini pine cones found at any craft store (got mine at Joanne's), glue gun, craft spray adhesive, glitter of your choice.

How to:paint or spray paint your trees so the white won't show through

With your glue gun start gluing you acorns on. I squirted out a line of glue, placed the acorns and so on. This takes some time, but not much. It took me 3 bags for acorns to this foot tall tree---way more than planned but they were half off so its aight...

The tree before I glittered it up. Spray this down with your craft spray adhesive and sprinkle on your glitter. Have I mentioned how its a MUST as a crafter to own a spray adhesive? Elmer's has one and it comes in a spray-paint-like can with an orange top---just in case you don't know what I'm talking about, found at any craft store.

Below is the finished product with one of my glitter trees on the left. Aren't they both sooo cute? Honestly, this is probably one of my favorite crafts I have ever made. It looks great and store bought, seriously. I'll use this for years and years to come! (I also made a smaller one because I loved it so much).

Have fun!!!


  1. They look fabulous! I think I need to go find some little pine cones!
    Thanks for linking up to my holiday open house!

  2. Are that made of pine cone? cause it's very nice to see.

  3. Yes, mini pine cones. I got mine at Joann's in the holiday section. Easy and cheap craft!