24 November 2010

Serious Last Minute T-Day Craft

If you haven't made a centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table yet-don't worry! These took me about 15 minutes to make(including the spray paint drying) and they are really pretty and simple.

Supplies: round styrofoam ball about the size of a cantelope, 2 bunches of fake floral (Hobby Lobby 80% off!), wire cutters or strong scissors and acrylic or spray paint preferably in green.

Cut your Styrofoam ball in half

Spray paint or paint green to camouflage the ball a bit.

Cut your flowers off the main stem and stick into the ball. This takes about 2 minutes. Just make sure you keep them close so you can't see through the bunch. Also, I saved all the leaves to trim around the bottom of the ball and for filler.

*sorry the lighting is so bad in this pic, our camera will make things yellow sometimes-ugh, I hate it*
BAM! Final product. I found that plate at a thrift store. I was going to use it to serve but thought this was cuter. Used vinyl and my Silhouette-thanks Silhouette!
Here's my second one. I actually got this idea from the TV show 'One Tree Hill'. Ha. They had these with peachy roses and placed them on a cake stand like this. Cute huh? Tried to find fake roses but they didn't have any(cheap) so I settled with the fall florals. I really like how they turned out and will probably use (and modify) for years to come. 
Very cheap and simple!

Have a WonDerFUl Thanksgiving!

*Okay, side story about this table clothe. I bought just one at the time and then realized I needed 2. So I went to 3 different Kohl's to find it and at the last stop, I'm frantically searching......! I was looking in this one section and then went to another and wasn't paying attention much and didn't notice the lady next to me until I see she is holding the exact table clothe I needed-the LAST matching one! I secretly followed here around for a bit seeing if she would set it down but she never did---talk about luck! If I had just been there 5 minutes earlier I might have got it!!! AH! Why must I be so type-a?*

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