24 November 2010

Ranch Cheeseball Recipe

I got this recipe from my friend, Meghanne (my avid crafting buddy and author on this blog) and as I was making it for tomorrow as a little munchie...I thought I'd share it will my blogging buds. Its really, really yummy, super unhealthy and perfect for the holidays! :)

Ranch Cheeseball
2 packages of creme cheese at room temperature (use real creme cheese)
1 package Ranch dressing mix (the powder kind by Hidden Valley)
about a half handful of cheddar cheese
1-2 green onions, chopped

Blend the creme cheese to get it soft then add in the rest of the ingredients. Let it set over night to get the flavors going and top with more cheddar cheese and/or sliced almonds if you like. Serve with crackers of your choice!

Enjoy and have a super Thanksgiving!


  1. this meghanne girl sounds SUPER AWESOME!!! hehe, enjoy your thanksgiving day!

  2. Ha I was totally going to make this to bring over tomorrow too! Guess I won't need to...unless you're not going to share with us..

  3. Meghanne is so stinkin' awesome and Tina that is so funny! Of course we will share!!! That's the point! Can't wait!