05 October 2010

Trick or Treat...

Trick or Treat banner....my sister and I got this idea from Pottery Barn kids under Halloween
decorations HERE it was kind of a lot of work but we did everything from scratch
even the pompoms...BUT it turned out super cute and looks very festive in my window
it was trial and error with us...we guessed on how much fabric and felt
so I don't have measurements, sorry!
We cut the black triangles out of felt, cut our pattern fabric smaller than the felt, iron on
to felt triangles using wonder-under (name brand) or fusible webbing
We got wide grosgrain ribbon to sew the triangles to the ribbon

We also decided to make homemade pompoms out of knitting yarn because the store
bought pompoms were not cute. We enlisted grandma to make them, the yarn we used
was messy and took some serious time but so worth it. We used 2 types of yarn to give
a more spidery effect.
We attached the pompoms using the black yarn we bought and threaded it through the ribbon using
a large embroidery needle so that they would be sturdy and not make the banner floppy
 Lastly, we used a cricut machine to cut out the letters.  The white is textured cardstock size 4"
than we used black vinyl cut at 3 1/2".  The letters didn't always match up perfectly but we
 like the spooky/crooked look anyway.
 I used spray adhesive to attach them to the fabric triangles but my sister used tacky
 fabric glue which works a little better.
Kind of a lot of steps
Hope I explained it and didn't make it more confusing for everyone!


  1. Gosh, girl! This is so dang cute, I love it. Seriously people--its as cute in person as it is on this blog! I'm going to link this up to a major craft blog because everyone has to see this!!! Great job Meghanne and the hard work paid off! :)

  2. SUPER CUTE!!! I love it! Wish I had the patience to make one:)