06 October 2010

Creepy Spider Wreath

In case you haven't already put up a wreath this season, here's one I made this week.
It came together pretty fast and I used stuff I had on hand at my house and leftover from last year's decorations.

I originally found my idea here, but I've made some changes. 
I like mine better of course :)

You'll need Spanish moss, a wreath, glue gun and sticks, plastic spiders, cobwebs, twine, silver spray paint, a small plaque, silver glitter, and black paint.
I found everything at either Wal-Mart or the Dollar Store.

 This was tricky. I didn't love the font in the original tutorial, so I went online and downloaded a spookier one I liked better. I sized it how I liked it, printed it, and transferred it to my painted, glittered, and dried plaque using a method I found here. If you have a fancy schmancy Cricket, you could just use vinyl.

Attach the moss, spiders and cobwebs. Instead of using Mod Podge to attach glitter, I used spray adhesive.
My favorite glitter on earth is from Martha Stewart. It's super fine, so it doesn't look so chunky. 

I used those little spider rings you can buy because I got more bang for my buck, and I liked to look of the smaller ones better than the big ones.
You can just cut the ring part away with scissors.

Also, a trick with the cobwebs is to spread them out super thin.
I think it looks better than huge cotton looking pieces. (As you can tell, I'm very particular about my spiderwebs :)

 The back ain't pretty, but it gets the job done.

There you go!
Hang, and wait for all your neighborhood kids to admire your crafty skills.


  1. oh yay yay yay! welcome aboard!

  2. Man, I'm happy you're here! :) Mary this is soooo cute!