12 October 2010

TP Pumpkin

Yep, you guessed it. There's a roll of toilet paper inside this cute little pumpkin! This is the easiest craft ever and if you have fabric scraps laying around and some extra toilet paper...you have a free craft that you can do it like 30 seconds (no joke). Found this idea at a craft store in the Amish Country in Ohio--gotta love it.

Place the roll of TP in the middle of your fabric. The fabric can be square or circle cut.

Tuck the fabric into the hole. Roll up a 2 inch long strip of brown or green colored fabric and stick in the top.

And voila...cutest thing ever and plus, you can use the TP when your sick of 'em!


  1. i love your pumkins:) i just made some with my family & they really do take 30 sec! you can always use the tp in a pinch!:)hehe

  2. that's way cute laura. (esp since it's so easy)